📺 Using IFTTT for WordPress Social Media Automation | Advanced WordPress Meetup, San Diego, CA (YouTube)

Watched Using IFTTT for WordPress Social Media Automation by Jim Walker from Advanced WordPress Meetup, San Diego, California
This presentation was given by Jim Walker, The Hack Repair Guy, on "Using IFTTT for WordPress Social Media Automation", at the Advanced WordPress Meetup, San Diego, California, July 2017.
This is a short video about using IFTTT.com to do a PESOS type of workflow for WordPress. While interesting, it reminds me of Louis Gray’s old diagram and my response which puts one’s own website at the center and uses POSSE. In short, there’s now a far better way of doing this type of thing with WordPress.

Below are the slides from the presentation, which includes this gruesome looking diagram:

Who wants to implement this type of convoluted workflow?

[slideshare id=77812040&doc=usingiftttforsocialmediaautomation-170712235441]

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2 thoughts on “📺 Using IFTTT for WordPress Social Media Automation | Advanced WordPress Meetup, San Diego, CA (YouTube)”

  1. Jim Walker says:

    Always open to new ideas. Thank you for sharing.

    Though not exactly sure what you mean in saying the chart is \”gruesome\”, other than the virtual arrows shooting at virtual boxes.

    It is an archery related presentation after all.

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    1. The arrows were perfectly aligned with the archery sub-topic!

      Your IFTTT diagram wasn\’t as \”gruesome\” as the Louis Gray diagram, but both are a difficult UI set up (and have to be remembered going forward). I usually find it easier to set things up so that the post originates on the site and then the content gets syndicated out to the other networks. With some of the new W3C specs, this is not only relatively easy to do, but services like Brid.gy also allow you to capture the comments/replies/likes from these subsidiary services to centralize the conversation as well.

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