🎧 Seeing White, part 7: Chenjerai‚Äôs Challenge | Scene on Radio (episode 37)

Listened to Seeing White, episode 37: Chenjerai’s Challenge from Scene on Radio
‚ÄúHow attached are you to the idea of being white?‚ÄĚ Chenjerai Kumanyika puts that question to host John Biewen, as they revisit an unfinished conversation from a previous episode. Part 7 of our series, Seeing White.

Relistened to this episode as a prelude to getting back into it after a long summer. Glad that there are so many more episodes to catch up on.

Composite image: Chenjerai Kumanyika, left; photo by Danusia Trevino. And John Biewen, photo by Ewa Pohl.

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