Thanks for the tip. I grew up in the math department at Johns Hopkins in the early 1990’s where I got my two engineering degrees, so I’m aware of Emily Riehl’s excellent work there, though I haven’t been able to travel back in the last several years to catch her in person. I’ve got both of her books and a pile of her papers. It’s been fun watching her, Eugenia Cheng and, more recently, Tai-Danae Bradley popularizing the subject.

Sorry I don’t spend much time on LinkedIn (other than to occasionally check for your updates and one or two others I follow), so I hadn’t seen your response until now. I suspect I ought to turn my email notifications on…

While I’m thinking about it I’m curious why it seems that LinkedIn is your sole “social” platform? Given that you’re publishing here somewhat regularly, it might be more worthwhile to have your own website/blog where you publish directly and then syndicate copies to LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, et al. for broader reach/audience as a means of better science communication. If you’d like I could build you such a set up that makes some of the back and forth easy and simple–in fact, I’d love to do it just to have the available RSS feeds for the real-time notifications of your new posts without needing to have a reminder to visit LinkedIn every few weeks. I’m happy to discuss it if you’re interested.

Syndicated copies: