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The anonymous op-ed, the Kavanaugh hearings, decorum, civility, and the freedom to speak.

Between the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill and an anonymous op-ed from within the Trump White House, a wave of rule-bending and -breaking has crashed on Washington. This week,¬†we¬†explore how political decorum and popular dissent have evolved since the early days of our republic ‚ÄĒ and how the legal protections for those core freedoms could transform our future.

1. Brooke and Bob on how best to cover the anonymous op/ed written by a "senior official in the Trump administration." Listen.

2. Geoffrey Stone, professor of law at University of Chicago, on our evolving ‚ÄĒ and occasionally faulty ‚ÄĒ interpretations of the first amendment. And, Laura Weinrib, professor of law at University of Chicago, on how early-20th century labor struggles gave birth to our modern ideas about¬†freedom of speech.¬†Listen.

3. Tim Wu [@superwuster], professor of law at Columbia University, on how the first amendment could inform new regulations for Silicon Valley. Listen.

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