🎧 Episode 50: Feminism in Black and White (MEN, Part 4) | Scene On Radio

Listened to Episode 50: Feminism in Black and White (MEN, Part 4) by John Biewen, Celeste Headlee from Scene on Radio

The struggles against sexism and racism come together in the bodies, and the lives, of black women. Co-hosts Celeste Headlee and John Biewen look at the intersections between male dominance and white supremacy in the United States, and the movements to overcome them, from the 1800s through the 2016 presidential election. Guests include scholars Glenda Gilmore, Ashley Farmer, and Danielle McGuire.

This has a great historical story (not widely known) about a rape that preceded the bus boycotts which, in all likelihood, made them much more effective than they would have been otherwise.

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