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Read How to replace Facebook with "Nicebook" by Mike Elgan (Mike Elgan)
Many people would like to leave Facebook, but fear that leaving Facebook means losing connection with family and friends. But that’s not true. You CAN leave Facebook and still stay in touch with your loved ones. I call my replacement a “Nicebook” because if give...
I know Mike has always been a major fan of Google+, so it’s nice to see that he’s finally got his own website now. It’s not surprising to see him suggest Google Photos as a potential replacement for something like Facebook, especially since a lot of his content is so visually done. For him I suspect that a lot of the functionality of Google+ is baked right into Google Photos.

It’s an interesting idea in general, but wouldn’t work for me because of a lot of pieces I would be missing as a complete solution. However, for small scale social sharing with family and friends with the ability to have some general private communication, it’s probably not a very bad idea.

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3 thoughts on “👓 How to replace Facebook with “Nicebook” | Mike Elgan”

  1. I’d much rather set up a private blog for limited sharing than try use Google Photos for that sort of use case.

    If you can persuade family and friends to follow the blog, it’s far more flexible, and capable for this sort of thing.

    1. Amen and a big double second to that motion Paul!

      I was just highlighting his use of Google Photos as I know he’s a big fan of G+, which is dying, and it’s something that those without much technical background might try using until they can find a way to do the much better solution you’re suggesting.

      1. Well, a pretty straightforward option for beginners would be something like a free, but Private WordPress.com site. The main complexity there is that visitors will need WordPress.com accounts so there’s a slight adoption hurdle there.

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