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Checked into Victory Park
I voted!

There was a drop box outside, but as usual, I went inside to hand deliver my ballot.

The gymnasium here makes for a great voting center. Large and airy. There was absolutely no line, just go right in!

Thanks again to all the people who where there volunteering. It was great to see so many young and middle-aged people as poll workers in comparison to my past experience.

Front of Victory Park Gym building where poll workers in mask direct people inside

Watched November 2, 2020 - PBS NewsHour full episode from PBS NewsHour
Monday on the NewsHour, the hours before Election Day are ticking away, but the Trump and Biden campaigns continue to court supporters. Plus: Why Pennsylvania could be a key to victory, the worsening U.S. coronavirus crisis, an update from both campaigns, election security concerns, how race winners are called, why some Americans are not voting and Politics Monday with Amy Walter and Tamara Keith.
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When you embed Tweets on your website, Twitter asks you to include their JavaScript code that adds images, number of likes, and loads their styles. But looking at the size of all the script files (yes, the one script tag loads multiple JavaScript files), does quite a bit more than that, including tracking your website’s users. And it has pretty negative impact on your site’s performance as measured by Google PageSpeed.
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