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Replied to Welcome to Hotel Alhambra! by Melissa Michelson (ColoradoBoulevard.net)
Let’s face it — Alhambra is a nice place to live, but it hasn’t proven itself a coveted tourist or business destination for overnight stays, and if another hotel is to be built, or if the hotel-idea is even to remain in the Draft-Environmental Impact Report (D-EIR), the rationale for doing so needs to be reliably supported by current and accurate data.

While some of this analysis is interesting, it seems like a bit of sound and fury. I’d have to think that any reasonable corporation considering coming into the community is even better aware of the implications and current/future market. Unless the city is going to do the financing of any new hotels, I suspect that the market forces will take care of the issue going forward and there isn’t much to worry about.

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Linsey McNeill: Since we highlighted the case of a reader who arrived at a Paris hotel to be told his room was no longer available, we have received several letters from people who have had similar experiences.
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