👓 ‘Halloween’ Cinematographer Dean Cundey returns to the scene of the crime | Alhambra Source

Read ‘Halloween’ Cinematographer Dean Cundey returns to the scene of the crime by David Muñoz (Alhambra Source)
Evil is real. The excitement happens when it invades our safe areas. Dean Cundey understands this well. Back in 1978, the legendary cinematographer expertly used shadows to illustrate the encroachment of evil into the otherwise idyllic small town of Haddonfield, Ill. in the original “Halloween.” The film — which revolutionized horror cinema when it introduced the sadistic Michael Myers and scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis as student Laurie Strode — celebrates its 40th anniversary on Oct. 25.

👓 Welcome to Hotel Alhambra! | ColoradoBoulevard.net

Replied to Welcome to Hotel Alhambra! by Melissa Michelson (ColoradoBoulevard.net)
Let’s face it — Alhambra is a nice place to live, but it hasn’t proven itself a coveted tourist or business destination for overnight stays, and if another hotel is to be built, or if the hotel-idea is even to remain in the Draft-Environmental Impact Report (D-EIR), the rationale for doing so needs to be reliably supported by current and accurate data.
While some of this analysis is interesting, it seems like a bit of sound and fury. I’d have to think that any reasonable corporation considering coming into the community is even better aware of the implications and current/future market. Unless the city is going to do the financing of any new hotels, I suspect that the market forces will take care of the issue going forward and there isn’t much to worry about.