👓 Why Marc Benioff quit Facebook | Business Insider

Read Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has quit Facebook (Business Insider)
If you're looking for Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff on Facebook, you won't find him. He quit Facebook and deleted his account, he told folks on Twitter.
I might have thought this would have been more recent, but this article is actually from 2015. Now I’m curious what more he likely knew at the time that he wasn’t saying, particularly given his day job and relationship to people at Facebook.

👓 A Declaration of Independence from Facebook | Mike Elgan

Read A Declaration of Independence from Facebook by Mike Elgan (Mike Elgan)
I’m deleting my Facebook accounts. I think you should, too.
I’m deleting my Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger accounts on July 4th, 2019. I’m calling it “Independence from Facebook Day.” (Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.) I’m doing this on the 4th of July becaus...
What a well reasoned out silo-quit plan for Facebook! More and more I’m leaning toward leaving soon myself.

👓 How to replace Facebook with “Nicebook” | Mike Elgan

Read How to replace Facebook with "Nicebook" by Mike Elgan (Mike Elgan)
Many people would like to leave Facebook, but fear that leaving Facebook means losing connection with family and friends. But that’s not true. You CAN leave Facebook and still stay in touch with your loved ones. I call my replacement a “Nicebook” because if give...
I know Mike has always been a major fan of Google+, so it’s nice to see that he’s finally got his own website now. It’s not surprising to see him suggest Google Photos as a potential replacement for something like Facebook, especially since a lot of his content is so visually done. For him I suspect that a lot of the functionality of Google+ is baked right into Google Photos.

It’s an interesting idea in general, but wouldn’t work for me because of a lot of pieces I would be missing as a complete solution. However, for small scale social sharing with family and friends with the ability to have some general private communication, it’s probably not a very bad idea.

👓 Pulling the plug on Facebook | Dries Buytaert

Read Pulling the plug on Facebook by Dries Buytaert (dri.es)
I'm pulling the plug on Facebook because of their recent privacy violations — which got me thinking about what is next for the Open Web.
I want to pull the plug myself. I’ve essentially stopped using Facebook and have had the mobile app off my phone for almost a year and a half. I’m half waiting for better data export so I can keep all my data the way I’d like, but I’m beginning to think the moral imperative to just leave is more important.

👓 Why I’m Leaving Medium | Praxis – Medium

Read Why I’m Leaving Medium by Tiago Forte (Praxis – Medium)
I’ve been writing on Medium for three and a half years.
Some of these reasons are very pragmatic for everyone, but he’s also got some business specific ones that touch on things many small businesses would want control over as well. He additionally points out some very subtle changes in media for people who are reaching out to niche audiences. Some of this is reminiscent to things Leo Laporte has spoken about in the past with respect to leaving television and cable to start a podcast network, except in that case there really wasn’t a huge amount of competing media, so instead of moving to silos (which didn’t exist at the time for his use case) he went straight to using his own platform.

👓 Signal v Noise exits Medium | Signal v. Noise

Read Signal v Noise exits Medium by DHH (Signal v. Noise)
Three years ago we embraced an exciting new publishing platform called Medium. It felt like a new start for a writing community, and we benefitted immensely from the boost in reach and readership those early days brought. But alas it was not to last. When we moved over, Medium was all about attracti...
Some interesting motivations here for leaving Medium (or even social media–they’ve already indicated they were leaving Facebook.)

👓 Social media detox: Christina Farr quits Instagram, Facebook | CNBC

Read I quit Instagram and Facebook and it made me happier — and that's a big problem for social media by Christina Farr (CNBC)
Christina Farr used to spend 5 hours a week posting and interacting with friends on Instagram. She quit cold this summer, and her life changed dramatically for the better.

👓 Pausing Twitter | Pernille Ripp

Read Pausing Twitter by Pernille RippPernille Ripp (Pernille Ripp)
Please change my Twitter password…
These were the words I texted my husband on November 18th as I traveled home from NCTE.  Exhausted yet fulfilled, I knew my brain needed a break from the constant stream of learning that Twitter provides me with.  Take a break fully in order to be more present ...

👓 I quit Instagram and Facebook and it made me a lot happier — and that’s a big problem for social media companies | Stephen Downes

Read I quit Instagram and Facebook and it made me a lot happier — and that's a big problem for social media companie by Stephen DownesStephen Downes (downes.ca)
This is yet another example of a genre called "quit lit". It's the post someone writes when they've quit something. These days, what they're mostly likely quitting is social media like Facebook and Twitter. Both have become toxic, serving a bottomless bowl of trivial content, abuse, and advertising. And yet, until the day they quit, people keep going back. But this trend is accelerating - when I quit Facebook more than two years ago, it was unthinkable, but now it's a phenomenon that threatens the company's bottom line. How can they fix it? I'm not sure they can.

👓 How to Delete Facebook | The New York Times

Read How to Delete Facebook (New York Times)
Lost faith in Facebook after data leakages, breaches and too much noise? Here’s a guide to breaking up with the social network and its photo-sharing app for good.
You know things are bad for Facebook when the New York Times is publishing tutorial how-to’s about how to delete Facebook.

👓 Become A Facebook-Free Business | Signal v. Noise

Read Become A Facebook-Free Business by DHH DHH (Signal v. Noise)

If Facebook’s endless privacy scandals have shown one thing, it’s that the company has far too much data on its users, and that they can’t be trusted not to sell, barter, or abuse that data whether for profit, growth, or negligence.

While individuals have long been rallying around #DeleteFacebook, there hasn’t been a comparable campaign for business. Enter: The Facebook-Free Business.

Just like when companies began putting Facebook and Twitter bugs on their websites and in advertising, you know it’s getting serious in the other direction when businesses are talking about leaving Facebook.

I wish BandCamp a lot of luck in also leaving Medium to get rid of that last Facebook like bug.

There is a lot to like about companies behaving ethically like this. I’m much more likely to trust a company (especially those talking about my data and privacy) if they can behave this way.

👓 Walt Mossberg, Veteran Technology Journalist, Quits Facebook | The New York Times

Read Walt Mossberg, Veteran Technology Journalist, Quits Facebook by Daniel Victor (New York Times)

Mr. Mossberg has spent decades chronicling the privacy implications of Facebook’s policies. On Monday, he opted out.

Walt Mossberg is far from alone in giving up on Facebook. But as a leading technology journalist who has spent decades chronicling the impact of Silicon Valley’s policies, his exit from the social network speaks louder than most.

This is a HUGE silo quit! There are few who watch the technology sector so closely as Walt Mossberg has for the past several decades.

Since it will be gone soon, I’ve archived a copy of his Facebook post.

👓 Why I deleted my popular Twitter account | USA Today

Read I deleted my Twitter account. It's a breeding ground for thoughtlessness and contempt. by Glenn Harlan Reynolds (USA TODAY)
Twitter is poison to American political discourse. Can't we find a more worthy pastime?
A very solid reason for quitting social media, and particularly Twitter.

❤️ facebook | notiz.Blog

Liked Facebook by Matthias PfefferleMatthias Pfefferle (notiz.Blog)
In den letzten 4…5 Jahren hab ich immer wieder mit dem Gedanken gespielt meinen facebook Account zu löschen. Mein Account hatte wirklich wenig persönliches und ich habe ihn fast ausschließlich dazu benutzt, meine Blogposts zu teilen. Der einzig plausible Grund der mich noch daraun gehindert hat...
Congratulations Mathias!

👓 How to Delete Facebook and Instagram From Your Life Forever | New York Times

Read How to Delete Facebook and Instagram From Your Life Forever by Brian X. ChenBrian X. Chen (nytimes.com)
Lost faith in Facebook and Instagram after data leakages, breaches and too much noise? Here’s a guide to breaking up with the social network and its photo-sharing app for good.
Not as in-depth and informative as I would have expected. I had kind of hoped for more history and background, but this is sort of cut and dried. The fact that there’s an article of this sort in the New York Times does signal a turning point for the quit Facebook movement.