👓 Webring experiment ends. | Brad Enslen

Read Webring experiment ends. by Brad EnslenBrad Enslen (Brad Enslen)
I had created two blog oriented webrings as an experiment.  It’s been over 6 months and no takers and maybe 3 tire kickers checking them out, so I’ve eliminated them. FYI.
Sorry to hear it…

🎧 Episode 336: Bringing Webrings Back | Core Intuition

Listened to Episode 336: Bringing Webrings Back by Daniel Jalkut, Manton Reece from Core Intiution
Manton and Daniel talk about migrating Manton.org to run on Micro.blog. They reflect on the nostalgia and inspiration of old web conventions like webrings and blogrolls. Finally, they talk about macOS Mojave’s forthcoming AppleEvent sandboxing and the effect it has on a wide variety of apps.

I’ve had refbacks on the brain for the past couple of months after having read Why Refback Still Matters, so I figured since I’ve already got the pingbacks, trackbacks, and webmentions enabled, what’s one more way to communicate with my website from the outside? So as of this evening, just for fun, I’m now accepting refbacks too.

Besides earlier this week I joined my first webring in over a decade as well. It can’t be any more embarrassing to support old web tech can it?