I’m writing this reply from my own site while I wait for my Twitter client to update and reload everything. One more advantage to the Indieweb. Anyway, I think having functionality like this inside either the Post Kinds or Bridgy Publish plugins would be great, and possibly have the advantage of wider user adoption. Press This is a feature that’s been removed from current WordPress Core and separated out into a plugin, due to the general lack of bookmarklet use. I happen to be a fan of WordPress’s post formats feature, but am now wishing they would just incorporate microformats 2 so that they conform to indieweb post kinds where possible. I think WordPress should possibly keep the “Aside” format as a longer form of status, or that there should be an indieweb equivalent of this.

Might help if I include the correct microformats 2 markup. 🙂 It occurred to me after I wrote my original reply that there’s also a webactions plugin for WordPress that these could be added to, along with other webactions. I haven’t played with this plugin a lot, although I do have it installed on my sites. I should dig into this.