Chris, One of the things I like about post formats is how easy it is to create template parts for them in most themes, (I’m excluding theme frameworks here, Genesis, for example). I haven’t had time to dig into this but I’d like to explore creating templates or template parts for post kinds. Another thing I’d like to do is to have a separate UI for each kind. So, for example, under posts, (and let’s just change this to “content”), you could have “Add new article”, which is a screen with appropriate meta boxes, then “Add new note” (same kind of screen, except we now need to look at Gutenberg and maybe just make these blocks instead of full-on edit screens with meta boxes of their own), and for each “add new” we’d also have “All articles” “All notes” ETC. Having separate UIs for each kind would mean that, if you’re working with your content on mobile, you could load a very simple screen with some edit fields or checkboxes for each type, instead of having to type content, then scroll down and choose a post kind, then fill in post properties, ETC, and so you’d have a more streamlined posting experience. There are supposed to be accessibility improvements coming to the app, and once those happen, I should be able to use that with VoiceOver to simply post to my site without a cluttered interface. I’m also looking at Quill, but I believe it’s written in either Ruby or Python, so submitting pull requests to fix accessibility issues with its UI will be a trial-and-error process, with a local copy installed for me to back up and then break while I dive deeper into its code.