👓 Hope Hicks to Leave Post as White House Communications Director | New York Times

Read Hope Hicks to Leave Post as White House Communications Director by Maggie Haberman (New York Times)
Ms. Hicks, who had been considering a departure for several months, did not indicate what her next job would be, but she said that she plans to leave the White House in the next few weeks.
Clickbait headline: No more Hope in the White House

Great article here with some reasonable background and history.

👓 US housing department to spend $165,000 on own furniture as it faces $6.8bn budget cut | The Guardian

Read US housing department to spend $165,000 on own furniture as it faces $6.8bn budget cut by Jon Swaine (the Guardian)
Spending is in addition to $31,000 dining set for Ben Carson’s office, even asproposed budget cuts would affect poor and homeless Americans
How are there not better checks on this kind of waste before they even happen?

📖 Read pages 120-140 of Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary

📖 Read pages 120-140, Chapter 7: Alone in the Dark, of Ramona The Brave by Beverly Cleary (William Morrow and Company, , ISBN: 0-688-22015-0)

Ramona doesn’t sleep at night and gets cranky and tired. A chapter with a lot of inner turmoil about a first grader.

👓 Teacher Fired Gun in Classroom, Barricaded Himself: Police | Time

Read Teacher Fired Gun in Classroom and Barricaded Himself at Georgia High School, Police Say by Associated Press (Time)
Police in Georgia say officers have responded to reports of shots fired at a Dalton high school and a teacher is now in custody
Saddened to hear about this school shooting incident at the neighboring high school just 23 miles from Calhoun High School, which I attended in Georgia. I remember driving to Dalton High School to take my S.A.T.s and frequently attend football and soccer games.

It’s potentially proof that arming teachers isn’t the great idea many thought it might have been just a week ago.

This now makes three school shootings in communities that I’ve either been directly touched by or been in close proximity to following two others: a shooting at Johns Hopkins in April 1996 involving a friend who was staying in my apartment at the time and the Heath High School Shooting in Paducah, KY in 1997 in the town where I’d lived briefly in 1996.

This has long since ceased to be a political issue and is a pressing public health issue that needs to be addressed on multiple levels.

Spurred by some events over the past week or so, I’ve finally made some modifications to the Post Kinds Plugin to allow me to make explicit acquisitions posts on my website. I can now make public posts of purchases, gifts, found things, or objects donated to me. You can find them here: http://boffosocko.com/kind/acquisition/

I still need to do some clean up work, but generally they look reasonable enough.

You can force me to make a new one by giving me something off my wishlist.

Replied to Support GitHub · Issue #56 · dshanske/bridgy-publish (GitHub)
Bridgy now supports stars (likes), replies and new issues in early beta. I believe the Issue kind is coming to post-kinds. Forgive me if this is already being worked on.
@snarfed and @dshanske are brilliant!

With any luck, this will be my first POSSE reply to Github via my WordPress site using Bridgy Publish.

📺 So Much for So Little (1949) | YouTube

Watched So Much for So Little (1949) by Chuck Jones from YouTube
So Much for So Little is a 1949 American short documentary film directed by Chuck Jones. It won an Academy Award in 1950 for Documentary Short Subject, tying with A Chance to Live. The cartoon states that, annually, 118,481 babies out of 2 million will die before reaching their first birthday. Thus, the cartoon shows John E. Jones, a baby that may add to this statistic if not given proper healthcare. The cartoon proceeds to show most of John's life, including his school years, marriage, later life (as a father), and his golden years, providing other helpful health information along the way. Before the cartoon ends, however, it returns to John as a baby, reminding the audience that John needs proper healthcare to survive. The cartoon then states that if every American paid just three cents a week, sufficient healthcare could be provided for John and babies everywhere.

There’s an awful lot of smoking in this PSA for public health! Welcome to 1949!

👓 Three ways we can improve Drupal’s evaluator experience | Dries Buytaert

Read Three ways we can improve Drupal's evaluator experience by Dries Buytaert (dri.es)
It’s time to improve Drupal's download process and end-user documentation. I believe we can improve Drupal's evaluator experience with these three steps.

📺 ポンキッキーズ メロディ「いっぽんでもニンジン」 | YouTube

Watched ポンキッキーズ メロディ「いっぽんでもニンジン」 by FujitvKids from youtube.com
うた:なぎらけんいち 1975年。この年がどんな1年だったかをチェックできるよ!

A bizarre looking number counting video. Reminiscent of 1970’s Sesame Street cartoons or some quirky Russian (80’s?) cartoons I’ve seen.

🎧 The Daily: So Many Red Flags | The New York Times

Listened to Listen to ‘The Daily’: So Many Red Flags by Michael Barbaro from nytimes.com
Many calls to law enforcement had expressed concerns about Nikolas Cruz, the suspect in the Florida school shooting, yet nothing was done. How is that possible?