👓 Friction-Free Racism by Chris Gilliard | Real Life

Read Friction-Free Racism by Chris Gilliard (Real Life)
Surveillance capitalism turns a profit by making people more comfortable with discrimination

Facebook‚Äôs use of ‚Äúethnic affinity‚ÄĚ as a proxy for race is a prime example. The platform‚Äôs interface does not offer users a way to self-identify according to race, but advertisers can nonetheless target people based on Facebook‚Äôs ascription of an ‚Äúaffinity‚ÄĚ along racial lines. In other words. race is deployed as an externally assigned category for purposes of commercial exploitation and social control, not part of self-generated identity for reasons of personal expression. The ability to define one‚Äôs self and tell one‚Äôs own stories is central to being human and how one relates to others; platforms‚Äô ascribing identity through data undermines both.  ‚Ěß

October 15, 2018 at 09:34PM

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