Tracy, thanks for stopping by last night, it was great to have you! Hopefully we gave you some helpful ideas about what you might do. I’m not sure if anyone mentioned it but has some good examples and prior design thinking on some of your question.

One of my favorite parts of the wiki is being able to see some design ideas and thoughts of others to see what is out there and then using that to make a decision about what might work best for me. (Of course about half the time, I also drive off into the forest for a while before deciding I’ve made a drastic mistake and that I ought to get onto the proverbial dirt or well-paved roads. But who could blame me? I have the limitation that I’m neither a coder/developer nor designer.)

Somewhat related, I remember when I was adding lots of new content to my website. I went from maybe 20 posts a year on my site to well over 20,000 this past year, so thinking about what you want as well as wheat your readers might tolerate is worth thinking about. (I definitely did not do this overnight. So take things one step at a time.)

A while back I wrote up some notes about what I did with RSS feeds and some details I changed so that the couple hundred email subscribers to my older/sparser blog wouldn’t be inundated by my newer posting frequency:

I also remember a useful WordPress plugin that Ryan Barrett uses for excluding some categories/tags from displaying on pages or in feeds. This post may give you some context:

For a lot of my content I use the Post Kinds Plugin to help categorize a lot of my content and provide individual feeds for different content.

Thanks again for joining us, and do feel free to stop in again or ask about any questions you have at

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