I just couldn’t wait for a physical copy of The First Astronomers: How Indigenous Elders Read the Stars by Duane Hamacher, Ghillar Michael Anderson, Ron Day, Segar Passi, Alo Tapim, David Bosun and John Barsa (Allen & Unwin, 2022) to arrive in the US, so I immediately downloaded a copy of the e-book version.

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For those who’ve been waiting for it to show up, the digitized version of box 9 of Niklas Luhmann’s second zettelkasten is now available online. It contains many of his notes on the zettelkasten itself.
Taking a moment to send a warm thank you to all the work (both visible and invisible) that Dr. Martha S. Jones and her lab are doing for the Johns Hopkins Community and far beyond. Where ever you live, I heartily recommend their newsletter Hard Histories at Hopkins.
I did some reading and annotation and learned something deplorable about Perusall. What grade does your AI give me?


#IndieWebCamp Personal Libraries pop up session
📅Saturday, February 19, 2022
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Focusing on personal libraries on one’s own site and how they can interact with each other.
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