👓 Facebook blocks Pulitzer-winning reporter over Malta government exposé | The Guardian

Read Facebook blocks Pulitzer-winning reporter over Malta government exposé by Julia Carrie Wong (The Guardian)
Temporary censorship of Matthew Caruana Galizia – who worked on the Panama Papers – raises concern over Facebook’s power to shape the news

I agree wholly with Ben Werdmuller.  Here’s yet another example why journalists should be posting their material to their own websites first before syndicating it to Facebook. Sure Facebook may help you get more eyeballs, but it doesn’t help if you’re locked out of your account or the content disappears altogether.

I’d written about some ideas related to this in the recent past: The Indieweb and Journalism.

I’m happy to help any journalist who is interested in creating their own easily maintainable website that uses Indieweb principles.

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The Netanyahu Investigations | The Atlantic

Read The Netanyahu Investigations (The Atlantic)
How the Israeli prime minister's scandal could spoil what should be his perfect political moment

Some of the criticisms here of Netanyahu seem eerily reminiscent of what one might suspect of Trump, who still refuses to put his assets into a true blind trust or to release his tax returns.

I strongly suspect that if Trump doesn’t stay in the good graces of the GOP, they’ll investigate his tax returns and dump him quickly.