Read County Shuts Down Eaton Canyon Hiking Trails (
“Eaton Canyon Natural Areas & Trails are closed for the rest of today & Memorial Day, May 25, due to overwhelming crowds that were not following the COVID-19 public health requirements. No walk-ins” the Los Angeles County Parks & Recreation tweeted on Sunday.
The neighborhood has been overly busy since Friday at around noon. I’ve never seen so many people parking (even past our block) in the neighborhood to go hiking over here. Memorial day would have been insane if they didn’t shut it down.
It’s drizzling down here, but 4,683 feet up (and a scant 4.167 miles from the front door) it’s snowing!


Mount Wilson elevation: 5,713 ft
My elevation: 1030 ft

The delivery of the pavers and the yard and a half of “Arizona river rock” is done. Now to get it all into the garden.