🎧 Homelessness is #Solvable | The Rockefeller Foundation

Listened to Homelessness is #Solvable from The Rockefeller Foundation

Malcolm Gladwell talks to Rosanne Haggerty about ending homelessness for everyone. Forever.

Rosanne Haggerty is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Community Solutions, which assists communities throughout the US and internationally in solving the complex housing problems facing their most vulnerable residents. Earlier, she founded Common Ground Community, a pioneer in the design and development of supportive housing and research-based practices that end homelessness.

👓 In San Francisco, Making a Living From Your Billionaire Neighbor’s Trash | New York Times

Read In San Francisco, Making a Living From Your Billionaire Neighbor’s Trash (New York Times)
In a city swollen by the wealth of the tech industry, the rich and poor live very separate lives. But sometimes they connect through the garbage.

👓 Motels to House Pasadena Homeless? | ColoradoBoulevard.net

Read Motels to House Pasadena Homeless? by Garrett Rowlan (ColoradoBoulevard.net)
If the body politic were a real body, the body of Pasadena would be one plagued by itches and bruises that continue to irritate.

👓 Is Anybody Home at HUD? | ProPublica

Read Is Anybody Home at HUD? by Alec MacGillis (ProPublica)
A long-harbored conservative dream — the “dismantling of the administrative state” — is taking place under Secretary Ben Carson.
I was just thinking yesterday, HUD has been awfully quiet. What has Ben Carson been up to?

The answer is appallingly painful, but seemingly par for the course, for the current administration.

While certainly having a particular point of view, this article is well reported with some great history/background, and specific examples. Sadly, it appears that the people Trump specifically said he was out to help are going to get the shaft even worse than I would have expected.