It’s not lost on me that historically multiple votes to elect a Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives like this happen when the United States is grappling with its white supremacist history and what Eddie Glaude, Jr. calls “the lie”.

Screenshot of Mastodon post from Emmanuel Mehr on Jan 05, 2023, 07:44 that reads: 
Updated tracking for historical precedent of current House Speaker voting, all cases of 6+ ballots:

16th Congress (1819-1821): 22 ballots

17th Congress (1821-1823): 12 ballots

23rd Congress (1833-1835): 10 ballots

26th Congress (1839-1841): 11 ballots

31st Congress (1849-1851): 63 ballots

34th Congress (1855-1857): 133 ballots

36th Congress (1859-1861): 44 ballots

68th Congress (1923-1925): 9 ballots

118th Congress (2023-): 6+ ballots (and counting)



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As the 116th Congress was gaveled in, Nancy Pelosi took her place at the helm of the most diverse House in history.

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