Watched "Hinterland" Episode #2.2 from Netflix
Directed by Julian Jones. A solicitor is found murdered. There is hostility in the community towards Daniel Protheroe. Mathias needs to find him before the vigilantes. Mathias knows that the relationship between the daughter of the gang's leader and Daniel is key.
The pace of this show is sometimes unbearably slow. I’m sure it’s a cultural thing between American TV and Welsh/British TV. I’ve been remedying it by watching on mobile at 1.25x. Sadly this functionality doesn’t seem to exist on any of my other apps or TV modalities yet.
Read 'Bookmarks' Series from Netflix Spotlights the Black Experience (
Streaming entertainment service Netflix has announced the September 1 launch of 'Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices,' a collection of 12 five-minute episodes featuring Black celebrities and artists reading aloud children's books by Black authors.

👓 'Sneaky Pete' Producers Adjusting Season 3 After Ricky Jay's Death | Hollywood Reporter

Read 'Sneaky Pete' Producers Adjusting Season 3 After Ricky Jay's Death (The Hollywood Reporter)
The magician and actor, who died Saturday, had his final acting role on the Amazon series.

👓 Making a Murderer, season two | Kottke

Read Making a Murderer, season two by (
In season one of Making a Murderer, filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos profiled Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, who were
I remember loving the first season which was very compelling. Can’t wait to see this follow up.

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👓 Logs populi or, Thanks, Netflix! | Vicki Boykis

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Tech is already cynical about data collection, but the public is just starting to understand its implications.

Watched Barry on Netflix

Watched Barry from Netflix Originals
A young Barack Obama forges his identity while dealing with race, divergent cultures and ordinary life as a New York City college student.
I wish I could say I liked this more, but there was no real drama or tension in the picture at all. The characters were all flat and seemingly one dimensional. I can’t even say it worked as an art-house film. Perhaps if I hadn’t known it was Barack Obama being portrayed and his signing the letter “Barack” at the end was the kicker, then perhaps it may have had some impact, but the whole affair was just flat.