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It’s no secret that bloggers, vloggers and pretty much anyone on social media tend to ‘bend the truth’ a little bit. There are countless apps you can download to turn your very average photo into what looks like photographic gold. With a little tweaking and cropping, a few saturation and contrast adjustments, you can fake just about anything. This may have become a trend that caught on a little too well. Johanna Olsson is one of the many bloggers who have photoshopped her images to suit the theme of her page. In an attempt to gain points for her reputation, her photo-shopping mishap caused her more publicity than she could have ever imagined. However, it was not for the reasons she was hoping.

👓 I Photoshopped Trump Without His Fake Tan And Now I Can’t Sleep At Night | BuzzFeed

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Warning: This is the scariest thing I've ever photoshopped and I've photoshopped some scary things.
A clickbait headline if there ever was one, but the slider photo and presentation was quite nice despite the grasping to turn this one picture into a story.