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Wednesday on the NewsHour, Nancy Pelosi asks President Trump to postpone his State of the Union address over security concerns due to the government shutdown. Also: ISIS on the attack in Syria, two mayors share how the shutdown is affecting their cities, how new members of Congress are adapting to Washington, the shutdown’s impact on the EPA, an NBA player fears his country and much more.

Made some significant progress today on an approximately 2,800 word feature article on the W3C Micropub spec with some motivation, examples, use cases, etc. Needs some editing, a bit of artwork, and some screenshots, but we’re nearly there. 

Have a few ideas about placement already…

📖 Read pages 77-121 of 215 of Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

📖 Read pages 77-121 of Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

Things have been growing nicely and generally organically, but the plant of the baby crying followed by the “let’s go explore downstairs” seems a bit too incredulous to me.

Replied to Indie Communities and Making Your Audience Known by Ben WerdmüllerBen Werdmüller (Ben Werdmüller)

It sounds ludicrous now, but back in 2014, when I cofounded Known as a startup, a lot of people were questioning whether a business even needed a website. Pockets of people - for example in the indieweb community, which I enthusiastically joined - were pointing out how short-sighted this was, but it was a minority opinion. There was Facebook and Twitter! Why would you want to have any kind of property that you fully controlled on the internet?

Fast forward to today, and... 

As I read this, there are some underlying ideas that again make me think that newspapers, magazines, and other journalistic outlets should pick up the mantle of social media and help their readers (aka community) by providing them with websites that they can control and use to interact. Many newspapers and other outlets are already building their own CMSes and even licensening them out to other papers, why not take the next step and build a platform that can host and manage websites for individual users? They’ve got most of the infrastructure there already? Why not tack on a few simple things that allow their users to better interact with them on the open web. It solves their ownership issues as well as their reliance on social media silos and could even provide a nice, modest income stream (or even a bonus that comes along with one’s subscription?)

Perhaps Kinja wasn’t a bad idea for a CMS cum commenting system, it just wasn’t open web enough?