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Got to be honest, every time I see someone’s blog in their bio or profile, then click through only to find the most recent post was in 2016, or worse, I die a little inside.

I’m in much the same boat, but I die a lot. It’s depressing.

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Want to trip yourself out, sync your phon to a Bluetooth speaker @ forget about it until your trying to figure out what that noise is (keyboard clicks from phone)

I’ve done this several times before. Never fails to freak me out before I realize what’s going on.

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Finally, I have succeeded in importing all the podcasts I have listened to with the Overcast app, at least as far back as May 2018.

Congratulations! I have to say I’m a bit jealous, but sadly Overcast is Apple only…

👓 Monthly report: February 2019 | Jeremy Cherfas

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February was a pretty good month. Or maybe it's just that I have a lot more reminders of how good it was.

Our Daily Bread

Fear of rejection utterly justified; the agent says publishers want something less bitty, "a biography of a commodity, like Kurlansky's Cod". In sales terms, I'll bet that's what they want. But it is not at all what I want to write. So, back to making self-publishing a reality, ASAP.

Jeremy, if this is the response an agent and publishers have given you and you’re even remotely considering the self-publishing route, please do let me volunteer to help you in the endeavor. I have a tremendous amount of experience in the publishing area and also have a lot of overhead (including a massive block of ISBNs) in place to help you out along the way.

It’s the least I could do since I feel like I may be at least partially responsible for starting you down the primrose path of Our Daily Bread… I also suspect that what you’d like to write is going to be far more interesting and nourishing a project.