👓 Jonah Goldberg is ‘ideologically grounded, but I feel politically homeless’ | Columbia Journalism Review

Read Jonah Goldberg is ‘ideologically grounded, but I feel politically homeless’ (Columbia Journalism Review)

I’ve been wondering what the moral core of the conservative movement will be doing in the future. Too many are just blindly following Trump because it seems expedient. Goldberg is an interesting bellwether.

🎧 CPAC in the #MeToo Era | The Daily – New York Times

Listened to ‘The Daily’: CPAC in the Era by Michael Barbaro from New York Times
At the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend, one thing was clear: President Trump has taken over the conservative movement. His vision dominated, and, as one woman learned, there was little room for alternative views. Guest: Mona Charen, a conservative columnist who was booed while speaking on a panel at the conference.

Phenomenal and interesting interview. I think Mona Charen’s broader philosophy about holding one’s own party to the highest standards is certainly the right position. It’s people like her that will have any chance of reviving what the GOP used to stand for. I hope they’re all the better for it as they come out of the ashes.

👓 Conservatism Won't Survive Donald Trump | The Atlantic

Read Conservatism Won't Survive Donald Trump (The Atlantic)
As reflexive support for the president redefines their movement, most conservative commentators have caved to pressure, following along.