❤️ @econproph: Read the news, the Ed-tech news, and remember you’re reading FICTION. It’s spin and propaganda. What they’re saying is a fiction. #Domains19

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PirateBox is a DIY anonymous offline file-sharing and communications system built with free software and inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware.
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❤️ erinroseglass tweeted .@savasavasava makes a great point that collectively, we could opt put of exploitative educational technology the ethical edtech wiki is gathering resources for community driven edtech alternatives in the classroom help us build it! https://t.co/Pmrkk0vY4f #Domains19

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❤️ THiNGkeriNG tweeted @taykendesign @thinqstudio Yup. I saw that. I wanted to be at #Domains19 as I believe we are brothers in arms. Thinking DoOO is back on our horizon.

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Online conversations about your community could contain insights about its safety and well-being. Social Sentinel knows where to look so you don’t have to.

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❤️ frivolousaxiom tweeted At LAX, on my way to #domains19 and all the wonderful strangeness that awaits!

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❤️ OnlineCrsLady tweeted wanting to go to ALL the #Domains19 presentations…. so much goodness! I’ve created a Twitter list: https://t.co/8vtxAokRtO I was able to find most presenters, but of course I have no idea who else will be attending. who’s en route to Durham? let me know who I should add :-) https://t.co/OLuOgaBRgB

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❤️ btopro tweeted expect a lot of #domains19 thoughts today and tomorrow. It’ll be a mixed bag as far as thoughts and rephrasing what people say here. I haven’t been to a non code focused event in far too long. It’s nice already to hear critiques of the LMS as a concept leading to many other issue

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❤️ OnlineCrsLady tweeted I was already excited about #Domains19 ……….. and now I am REALLY excited!!! this is perfect moment for me to learn about HAXcms! https://t.co/bMsXpYhHls

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Reclaim Hosting is very excited to be running our second Domains event in 2019. We figured it was high time to get together again and we’re hoping this provides a fun and creative opportunity to explore a wide range of topics in educational technology. We are framing this event around the theme of going “Back to the Future,” a dreamvision of technoir and utopianism wherein the neon possibilities of EdTechs past merge with the shadowy data that reflects the uncertain futures of data ownership, privacy, access, targeted teaching tools, cloud infrastructures, as well as the home video market!

The conference will be held on June 10th and 11th at the 21c Museum Hotel in Durham, North Carolina, and we hope you can make it. You can see the call for presentations below, but we want to make a concerted effort to encourage folks to submit not only presentation and panels, but also dynamic talks that use art and technology to communicate their message. Our featured speakers, to be announced anon, will be using art and interactive explorations to interrogate their topics and we hope that those of you considering presenting will follow suit.

🔖 Schedule | Domains 2019

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Domains 2019 is a two-day conference on 2019-06-10 - 2019-06-11 geared toward Indieweb for Education, A Domain of One's Own, and EdTech spaces. Sessions will focus on learning tools, data ownership, IndieWeb, containers and the cloud, privacy and surveillance, accessibility, and art. It will be held at 21c Museum Hotel in Durham, North Carolina, USA

Please visit https://domains.reclaimhosting.com/register/ to register for the conference.

Notice the indie web sessions at this conference geared toward the education crowd.

👓 Amy Collier on Wakefulness, Agency, Ownership, and Trust | Lauren Brumfield

Read Amy Collier on Wakefulness, Agency, Ownership, and Trust by Lauren Brumfield (labrumfield.com)

I now have the pleasure of introducing our fifth and final presenter, Amy Collier, Associate Provost for Digital Learning at Middlebury College, who will take on the pedagogical piece of the future of technology as it relates to Surveillance, Ownership, and Accessibility in the classroom. Collier leads Middlebury’s strategic vision for digital learning and oversees a group (DLINQ) that works with faculty, staff, and students to explore and question the roles digital technologies play in education. Her work surrounding Digital Detox and After Surveillance is inspiring, and we’re excited to see what she’ll bring to the table in June. Here’s an abstract for her upcoming talk,Wakefulness, Agency, Ownership, and Trust:

What does teaching and learning look like when we take seriously our students’ privacy and agency? This is a question we wrestle with in my group at Middlebury, Digital Learning and Inquiry, and I imagine this will feel like a familiar or even front-and-center concern for others at Domains. Surveillance and other troubling practices enter our teaching in seemingly benign ways, with mostly good intentions. This presentation will ask us to reconsider those practices and explore how pedagogy is transformed when we center the ideas of wakefulness, agency, ownership, and trust (ooh and freedom, and possibility, and love, and…and…and…). There will be a lot of expertise in the room and I hope to draw that expertise out with opportunities for us to move between examples of work that is currently happening and speculative futures for education.

Stay tuned for more announcements about Domains 19 (the schedule is coming next!) and go ahead and get to registering! Those early bird prices won’t last forever!