Read A ‘Bridge’ to China, and Her Family’s Business, in the Trump Cabinet (New York Times)
Elaine Chao has boosted the profile of her family’s shipping company, which benefits from industrial policies in China that are roiling the Trump administration.
If this were written into a spy thriller, you probably wouldn’t believe it.

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Watched Supreme Revenge from FRONTLINE | PBS
Inside the no-holds-barred war for control of the Supreme Court. From Brett Kavanaugh to Robert Bork, an investigation of how a 30-year-old grievance transformed the court and turned confirmations into bitter, partisan conflicts.
Oh, if only politicians played with the perspective of a veil of ignorance just a bit more…

🎧 The Daily: The Republicans’ Shutdown Strategy | New York Times

Listened to The Daily: The Republicans’ Shutdown Strategy from New York Times

As the shutdown drags into its 20th day, both President Trump and Democratic leaders appear to be doubling down.