👓 Medium Acquires Superfeedr by Julien Genestoux

Read Medium Acquires Superfeedr by Julien Genestoux (ouvre-boite.com)
Today’s web is very different from what it was 8 years ago. We’ve said it several times: publishing and consuming content are new frontiers for most of the web giants like Facebook, Google or Apple. We consume the web from mobile devices, we discover content on silo-ed social networks and, more importantly, the base metaphor for the web is shifting from “space” to “time”. Superfeedr, the open web’s leading feed API and PubSubHubbub hub has been an independent player for 8 years. Superfeedr exists in order to enable people to exchange information on the web more freely and easily. Today, we’re excited to announce Superfeedr has been acquired by Medium. In many ways, it’s a very natural fit: Medium wants to create the best place to publish, distribute and consume content on the web. Together, we are hoping to keep Medium the company a leader in good industry practices, and Medium the network a place where this conversation can gain even more traction.

👓 IndieWeb WordPress Feedback by gRegorLove

Read IndieWeb WordPress Feedback by gRegor MorrillgRegor Morrill (gregorlove.com)
I’m upgrading a friend’s WordPress site and decided to go through the IndieWeb’s Getting Started on WordPress page. Here’s some notes as I go through the process, trying to view it through the lens of someone who isn’t already familiar with indieweb terminology.
gRegor is spot on for a lot of this, but I think the solution may be to leave the IndieWeb-speak versions on the wiki as they are for the Generation 1 crowd and start all over again with some new pages geared specifically toward Gen2+ which don’t include a lot of our specific jargon.

People just want to use their websites in a way that Just Works™, they don’t necessarily want to learn a whole new vocabulary to do so. While I think it’s very useful to know that vocabulary and reframe one’s perspective about the web and how it works, it shouldn’t be a necessary condition for joining in on all the fun.

🎧 This Week in Google 441 Whopper Neutrality | TWiT.TV

Listened to This Week in Google 441 Whopper Neutrality by Leo Laporte, Stacey Higginbotham, Mathew Ingram from TWiT.tv
MT Net Neutrality, Amazon Go, ICOs Montana and Burger King want to save Net Neutrality. AT&T seems to want to as well. Google I/O puzzle reveals the 2018 conference date. Google Play sells audiobooks. YouTube won't let stars say bad things about Google. Facebook sends out a news survey and invents a new unit of time. First Amazon Go shop opens. Twitter loses another exec. Don't call the Vine replacement "Vine 2." Indian good morning greetings are eating the internet. ICOs explained.

👓 Extensions in Firefox 59 | Mozilla

Read Extensions in Firefox 59 (Mozilla Add-ons Blog)
Firefox Quantum continues to make news as Mozilla incorporates even more innovative technology into the platform. The development team behind the WebExtensions architecture is no exception, landing a slew of new API and improvements that can now be found in Firefox 59 (just released to the Beta chan...

👓 My Goals, Resolutions, and Budget for 2018 | Anomalily

Read My Goals, Resolutions, and Budget for 2018 by Lillian (anomalily.net)
Most years, I write up my goals for the year, and then evaluate how I did at the end of the year. In 2017, I published 50 goals and evaluated how I did (I gave myself an A-). Now, 50 goals was a lot. So I kept it simpler this year, with...

👓 Podcasts I am Listening To | gRegorLove.com

Read Podcasts I am Listening To by gRegor MorrillgRegor Morrill (gregorlove.com)
This is one of those posts I have wanted to write but kept forgetting to. I was reminded again while chatting with Marty, and when I asked him what podcasts he recommended, he went and wrote a whole post. So it's time I finally wrote mine. I'll try to break mine down into categories, too. Well-known...

🎵 “I Need You” by America

Listened to I Need You by America from Warner Bros.
"I Need You," released in 1972, is the second single by the band America from their eponymous debut album America. The song was written by Gerry Beckley. It appears on the live albums Live (1977), In Concert (1985), In Concert (King Biscuit), Horse With No Name - Live! (1995), and The Grand Cayman Concert (2002). The studio version is included on the compilation albums Highway (2000) and The Complete Greatest Hits (2001). George Martin remixed the studio recording for inclusion on History: America's Greatest Hits (1975). An alternate mix from 1971 appears on the 2015 release Archives, Vol. 1.

👓 TWELP: Twitter Help | Standardista

Read TWELP: Twitter Help by Estelle WeylEstelle Weyl (Standardista)

Sometimes Twitter gets things wrong. Very, very, wrong. A few “features” that I think are bugs include Twitter Moments,

To this end, I created a little bookmarklet called “TWELP”.

The bookmarklet creates a kill function that:

  1. hides promoted tweets by finding the parent tweet containing a promoted-tweet child class
  2. hides any “liked” tweets that contain the heart icon, including uninteresting tweets in your stream suck as the fact that your friend Jane liked a tweet of a picture of her acquaintance Joe, who you are not following, eating an oyster. Seriously, who the fuck cares? It also hides the “people who liked your tweet” feature in your notifications. Not sure if that is a feature or a bug.
  3. The ‘.js-activity-generic’ hides the ‘pat and chris followed leslie’. Seriously, double wtf cares? I am testing in production, so maybe this has some unwanted side effects.
  4. hides the “Moments” tab by hiding the tab that has the  js-moments-tab class
  5. hides promoted modules that I hate like “In Case You Missed It” and “Who to follow”
  6. Calls itself once per second so if you scroll, it will continue killing those annoying tweets mentioned above.
  7. You have to pass window.jQuery to $ because Firefox defines it’s own $. (Thanks to @Potch for that tidbit)

TWELP – You can drag this link to your bookmarks bar, and click TWELP bookmarklet whenever you load Twitter. It kills the “Moments” tab, all ads, and removes the “X liked” tweets.

👓 Leak without a trace: Anonymous Whistle blowing | Standardista

Read Leak without a trace: Anonymous Whistle blowing by Estelle Weyl (Standardista)
Instructions on how to leak data without getting caught Don’t leave digital traces while copying data. Write stuff down on a pad which belongs to you, and take it home. Photograph your screen. Don’t create files with copies of the data you are planning to exfiltrate on your work computer.
A great primer! It’s not easy being an anonymous whistleblower….

👓 Why You Should Put Your Content on Both Medium and Your Own Domain | sendcheckit

Read Why You Should Put Your Content on Both Medium and Your Own Domain (sendcheckit.com)
How to leverage your own site and Medium without duplicate content issues.

👓 Mysterious 15th century manuscript finally decoded 600 years later | The Independent

Read Code in the 'world's most mysterious book' deciphered by AI (The Independent)
Artificial intelligence has allowed scientists to make significant progress in cracking a mysterious ancient text, the meaning of which has eluded scholars for centuries.
Interesting news if it’s really true! Though I do feel a bit sad as there are some methods I had wanted to try on this longstanding puzzle, but never had the time to play with.