Read The Importance of URLs by Aaron PareckiAaron Parecki (Aaron Parecki)
Chirpify Acquires Urban Airship Preview
Last night around 11pm, I posted a link to the above story on Twitter, Facebook, and on my own site with the caption "Chirpify acquires Urban Airship".
The note contained a link which redirected to a link which then displayed the article.
Read IndieAuth 3.5.0 for WordPress Released by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (
Earlier in the week, I noted the release of IndieAuth 3.5.0, but I didn’t explain the major under the hood changes that occurred here in a post, which I need to do as at least one person is experiencing issues(probably necessitating a 3.5.1 as soon as I figure out why.) I also noted I forgot to de...
Read Micropub 2.2.0 for WordPress Released by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (
Micropub 2.2.0 has one major change in it. IndieAuth client code was removed. This code now lives in the IndieAuth plugin. This means that Micropub does not check for scopes. It uses the built-in WordPress capability system to determine if an action should be performed. The IndieAuth plugin limits c...
Read Regis Philbin, TV Host With the Most Congenial Demeanor, Dies at 88 (The Hollywood Reporter)
He presided over live morning shows for four decades, emceed 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' and served as Joey Bishop's late-night sidekick.
Now that Regis and Hugh Downs have both passed away within weeks of each other, I’m wondering which living person now has the record for most time in front of a camera?
Annotated Fact Check: Despite White House claims, PAW Patrol and police LEGO have not been canceled (CNN)
In a Friday edition of her White House briefing, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany declared that children's activities are being policed as a result of "cancel culture."
So now the White House is lying about children’s television shows? Where does it end?
Watched The Celtic World by Jennifer Paxton from The Teaching Company, LLC.
Lecture 14: Medieval Irish Literature
The early Irish prized literary skill just as much as prowess in warfare, and lords were judged by the quality of poet they could hire. This lecture gives a glimpse into the diverse genres of Irish literature, from epics about mythological heroes to exciting tales designed to warn kings about the dangers of ruling unjustly.
58% Done

Interesting idea about memory here between 6 an 12 minutes.
One of the stories has someone ask to be taught about farming as a condition which says something about information spread and education.

Tonight I added an On This Day widget to the sidebar of my homepage. I also added an archive page at They show old posts from the same day from prior years.

There may be one or two small display issues that I’ll come back and tweak, but functionally things are working reasonably well. I can already see that I may use it not only as a reminder, but a means of helping to clean up broken links and/or missing photos on posts.

Now if we could only get the Timehop app to add WordPress to it’s data stores…

Reply to Kevin Marks et al on Webmention and Annotations

Replied to a tweet by Kevin Marks (Twitter)
@dangillmore, @froomkin and other journos have played around with @hypothes_is (which has private group functionality):

@dwhly et al have started discussing adding webmentions as well:

There’s also a lot of potential useful overlap of the broader area of IndieWeb technologies with journalism I think.