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I’ve been using “macgenie” as my internet name since I first signed up for Digg (Wikipedia article) in March 2007. A friend asked me to “digg” his news story, and I said I would try to do it quickly, but that I often suffered from decision paralysis when it came to choosing a user name. He...

I resemble this remark!

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This site is hosted by Reclaim Hosting. Its primary and associated domains are also registered through Reclaim Hosting. It is built with WordPress and uses the (free) Simple Responsive Blogily theme, based on Responsive Blogily, by Superb Themes/ThemeEverest. I maintain a separate installation ...
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This is incredibly true. One needs to throw caution to the wind and focus on making as many mistakes as possible.


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We’ve launched a Bridgy browser extension! If you use Bridgy for Instagram backfeed, you’ll need to install it (Firefox, Chrome). Please try it out and let us know what you think! Instagram and Facebook have been thorns in B...
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Wir haben ein kleines Weihnachtsgeschenk für euch: Matthias Pfefferle und Marcel Weiß sprechen über (fast) alle Aspekte von RSS und warum (nicht nur) für sie Feedreader und das Ökosystem rund um RSS immer noch wichtig ist. ‚Hier & Jetzt‘ kann man per RSS-Feed abonnieren und findet man natü...
What an awesome title! Merry ChRSStmas to everyone!
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WordPress allows for custom archive templates. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to change the archive for my photo posts to show them in a photo grid. So, I’ve now done that at /kind/photo. You have to click the photo to see the full context, but I like the presentation of all photos I’ve posted. This does not include photos in other types of posts, but it’s probably the most visual item I’ve put out in a while. I hope it causes me to post more photos.
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I believe in the independent web - which was born thirty years ago today - more than any other technology. Earlier today, I shared an update with collaborators, advisors, and investors in Known. Here's what's up: Recently, I filed paperwork to officially dissolve Known, Inc, the Delaware C-Corporati...
This is some great news! 
/me goes to dust off my instance and bring it back to life after an unfortunate database issue….