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Tom Critchlow in Tweet: “My personal website is a tapestry where legends are told” ()

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microformats logo sitting on a dinner placemat with a fork and knife on either side

Dan Cederholm's logo but now adjusted for the microformat dinners. :D

::dan don't hurt me:: :D

KevinMarks in #indieweb chat: “Thanks Cindy (it also solves the “I only see 3 mats” objection)” ()
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One could write an entire book on what this chart shows us. – Max Roser
Holy crap! This graph indicates something is dramatically broken in America. And we wonder why healthcare is such a hot button issue. Obviously someone (or many someones) is making a lot of money keeping the American portion so horribly out of whack.
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A new version of Simple Location is out. Version 4.1.12 has many under the hood tweaks/fixes, and only one major user facing feature, a redo of the caching system. The caching system is used by the weather system to avoid poling for the weather on every refresh. There is now a setting in each widget...
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Earlier this evening I bought a copy of Neale & Kelly’s new book Songlines: The Power and Promise (First Knowledges), so obviously I can’t wait for this exhibition to come to the US! Perhaps LACMA might pick it up?