Aaron, sorry I must have missed the notification for your comment, or was overwhelmed when it came in.

Yes, you should be able to add all the rel=”me” links in your profile, though I prefer to do that by hand myself to get the exact display I want.

If you created a custom post kind and added custom code, it will be overwritten on an update. I might recommend doing a pull request for it into the main plugin so that all the code is there for yourself and everyone else. In this case you’d like just need to change the false to true in the code to be able to easily activate it. If it’s something you’re experimenting with there typically isn’t much code to change so doing it manually after an update is easy enough. There’s also apparently some built-in filters and code that would allow you to create a mini-plugin so that it sits next to the main plugin without being overwritten, but that’s a tad above my pay grade at the moment.

I like your idea of a Welcome box and there are multiple ways of doing that. Alas, many of them are beyond me at the moment. I suspect they’ll get there eventually.