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If this blog had a tagline it would be "an ongoing conversation with myself." I wanted to talk about blogchains, or threads, and Elder-blogging in "Blogging for now" but couldn't remember where I'd read about it. Chris Aldrich's post "On blogging infrastructure" reminded me. It was an idea formulate...
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I think the difference between a junior and senior front-end developer isn't in their understanding or familiarity with a particular tech stack, toolchain, or whether they can write flawless code. Instead, it all comes down to this: how they push back against bad ideas.
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I can’t wait for my copy!

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This is an open invitation to contribute to the FemEdTech Quilt of Care and Justice in Open Education. Our Call for Participation complements the Call for contributions to OER20 with its theme of C…


a neologism to me, though the broader idea isn’t with respect to the pussy hats made/worn during the 2017 inaugural.
–November 19, 2019 at 09:40AM

This article has several examples of other examples of craftivism as well.