👓 What Happens to Students When Their Professors Are on Welfare | The Atlantic

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The plight of non-tenured professors is widely known, but what about the impact they have on the students they’re hired to instruct?

Universities are squeezing out as much as they can without students realizing the drop in quality and services they’re receiving.

👓 About Us | Precaricorps

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PrecariCorps has four fundamental purposes:
  1. To improve the lives and livelihoods of contingent faculty undergoing financial hardship by providing charitable assistance to them in the form of cash assistance and/or grants;
  2. To create and distribute educational media to the public, including parents, students, and college communities, that details how colleges function in the post-recession U.S. economy;
  3. To create and design a searchable archive for contingent faculty issues in the news;
  4. To conduct research on contingent faculty and their role in the economy of U.S. colleges to encourage a broader public understanding of how colleges budget their financial resources as well as what effects these budgetary practices have on faculty populations, student populations, and the general value of higher education.