Listened to Episode 400: With The Help Of Mark Zuckerberg by Manton Reece, Daniel Jalkut from Core Intuition

Manton and Daniel celebrate episode 400 by inviting Oisín Prendiville to join them for a conversation ranging from Oisín’s podcasting app Castro and the virtues of selling it to Tiny, to the state of the podcasting industry, to a story of bicycle theft and recovery.

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Discovery feature: Podcast Shuffle – Manton’s 2005 blog post announcing a hack for listening to a random podcast episode. (Sadly this link seems to be gone from the web and isn’t on

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Read PodBox – A SPLOT for Podcasting (
This is an experiment of using the SPLOTbox theme as a podcast collection platform. So record your story and share it with us (be sure to use the category for this episode, that’s how they get in the show). It will join the others in the collection (and listed below). See as well an example of a Podcast made from audio at external URLs, all were added to the site via the Studio Form.
Replied to Recommendations for (simple to use) Podcasting app? by Kim CarterKim Carter (Reclaim Hosting Community)
I am hoping to have a simple (to use) podcast where I can record pieces of lessons that are problematic and potentially have student guests for Q/A. Is there a domain app/plugin that is simple to use? What are you using?
In addition to all the other great recommendations, and in part to expose the idea, if you want to go really low tech, there are a variety of phone apps that will record audio in .mp3 format. If you give it a flexible enough license, you can upload/host your audio with notes and other meta data for free on (OER podcasting anyone?)

Then to quickly generate a subscribe-able podcast feed, create a free account (using the class name perhaps?) and use Huffduffer’s browser bookmarklet to save your posts to your account. Huffduffer can provide podcast feeds out of individual user accounts, collectives, and even by tags, so you’ve got a lot of flexibility in how you and students can subscribe to content there. As an example you can subscribe to a “community podcast” for the tag A Domain of One’s Own.

If you create a custom/unique tag for the class, students can record and tag their own content to create an audio conversation back and forth if desired.

Replied to a post by Jane Van GalenJane Van Galen (Teaching and Learning on the Open Web)
We've talked about and experimented with various video projects in our Learning Community. Reading this piece by sociologist Jess Calarco this week reminded me that we haven't talked as much about audio production and editing as a means having students show what they know and to share what they've learned on the open web.
I recall seeing a lot of resources for audio media creation and podcasting via KQED Teach, which was geared toward a broad level of students and technical abilities.

These types of literacies are really important to explore.

👓 Festivus, for the Rest of Us | Hot Pod News

Read Festivus, for the Rest of Us – Hot Pod News by Nicholas Quah (

Over the past month, we’ve been running a call for opinions built around a fairly straightforward question: “What are you most frustrated by?” (With respect to the podcast industry, of course.) To put it mildly, folks obliged.

Let me start by establishing what I tried to do this with this piece. Editorially, the goal was to lay out various clusters of frustrations being felt by a cross-section of the Hot Pod readership — at least, to the best that I could with the format I’ve chosen. Creatively, the idea with the format is to communicate what it feels like to live with my inbox and various messaging accounts. That’s pretentiously phrased, but you’ll see what I mean soon enough.

Some reading notes:

  • Different chunks represent different people, in case it isn’t clear.
  • The sections marked as “Deep Dives” represent entries from a single contributor who took the time to lay out an extensive, effectively-written submission.
  • For practical reasons, I’m not publishing every response — so don’t take it personally if you don’t see yours.
  • In adherence to the retweets =/= endorsements principle, I don’t necessarily agree with what’s being printed… nor should what’s being printed necessarily be taken as fully accurate. The point, instead, is to illustrate that person’s truth.
  • Almost everybody requested anonymity. So, for simplicity’s sake, I decided to implement blanket anonymity for all responses, including from those who listed their names.
  • There were a handful of very specific frustrations, which I’m setting aside for now to vet as leads for future columns.

Alright, enough wind-up. To the question: what are you most frustrated by?

👓 More pushback on Netflix for podcasts | Manton Reece

Read More pushback on Netflix for podcasts by Manton Reece (
We know that of course you can’t watch a Netflix-exclusive show on Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. But wouldn’t it be great if you could? With the current open podcast ecosystem, that’s exactly what we have: any show from any network can be played in any podcast client by default. You might think ...

👓 The Joe Rogan Experience to withdraw from Luminary | Hot Pod News

Read The Joe Rogan Experience to withdraw from Luminary by Nicholas Quah (Hot Pod News)
The Joe Rogan Experience has requested to be removed from the Luminary platform, I’ve confirmed. The team explicitly cites licensing issues as the reason behind the intent to withdraw. “There was not a license agreement or permission for Luminary to have The Joe Rogan Experience on their platform,” a representative from the team told me last night. “His reps were surprised to see the show there today and requested it be removed.”

❤️ benwerd tweeted …the power of podcasting partially lies in its openness. By creating commercial walled gardens with an intent to own the market, Luminary and Spotify have actually managed to start to fracture it.

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📺 Podcasting Basics | Week 3- Editing Software | YouTube

Watched Podcasting Basics | Week 3- Editing Software from YouTube

In week 3 we cover DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and the basics for editing your first podcast episode. Watch the other videos in pA's #OneEpisodeChallenge podcasting basics video series.

📺 Podcasting Basics | Week 2- Audio Gear | YouTube

Watched Podcasting Basics | Week 2- Audio Gear from YouTube

Week 2 od pA's #OneEpisodeChallenge covers the different types of audio gear required to record a podcast. This is a 4 part video series teaching you the basics of podcasting. Any questions will be answered with personal episodes in Podcast Q&A by plasticAudio on Anchor.FM. the following weeks will cover Audio Editing & Distribution.

📺 Podcasting Basics | Week 1- Show Concept | YouTube

Watched Podcasting Basics | Week 1- Show Concept from YouTube

Welcome to plasticAudio's video series on podcasting basics. This first week covers show concept. The next 3 weeks will cover audio gear, editing software, and distribution. These videos are part of my #OneEpisodeChallenge. After 4 weeks you'll have one episode of your new podcast series recorded, edited, and distributed across several platforms.

These videos are for anyone interested in learning about podcasting and businesses looking for a new way to reach customers.

Bookmarked Think Like a Hacker (Wordfence)
Join Mark Maunder for the Think Like a Hacker podcast as he and Kathy Zant cover interesting topics related to WordPress, security and innovation.
Briefly ran into Mark Maunder as I was leaving for the day and he reminded me of WordFence’s podcast.

They’d taped an episode before lunch today with Andy Fragen that I definitely want to catch when it comes out.

👓 Game of Phones: Podcasts and podcast apps are now treating each other like wary rivals, protecting their turf | Nieman Lab

Read Game of Phones: Podcasts and podcast apps are now treating each other like wary rivals, protecting their turf (Nieman Lab)
Luminary gets pushback from Spotify and The New York Times: temporary glitch or the real start of the platform wars? Plus: Gimlet gets a union, a new podcast incubator, and Mueller Mueller everywhere.

👓 L’affaire Luminary continues with more podcasts dropping out and allegations of technical bad behavior | Nieman Lab

Read L’affaire Luminary continues with more podcasts dropping out and allegations of technical bad behavior (Nieman Lab)
The paid podcast app may well be doing nothing wrong in its hosting of podcasts from the open web — but nonetheless, what they've been best at thus far is generating pushback.