Donald Trump | Charlie Rose

Donald Trump Interview Friday 11/06/1992 by Charlie Rose (Charlie Rose)
Rebroadcast — Monday 02/20/2017
Donald Trump talks about his recent "comeback" after flirting with bankruptcy, his support of Mike Tyson after his imprisonment for rape, his divorce from Ivana Trump, and the rumors that he would run for president.

It’s amazing watching this interview from over 23 years ago. Charlie Rose takes it possibly too easy on Trump because of his entertainer status. There’s a lot of hemming and hawing on Trump’s side and he still shows these same verbal tics as he dodges questions in a somewhat charming manner. There’s no adherence to facts, yet everything is “just great”, “the best”, “this”, “that”, and so on.

It’s amazing to see some of the things Rose brings up then are still issues now. Questions about his manner and vanity still linger all these years later. The difference is that he at least acknowledged them to some extent back then.

📺 PBS NewsHour full episode Feb. 22, 2017

PBS NewsHour full episode Feb. 22, 2017 (PBS NewsHour)
Wednesday on the NewsHour, hundreds flee amid flooding in Northern California. Also: A major change on school bathrooms and transgender youth, newspaper editors explain readers' views on the political climate, Syrian refugees who would prefer not to move to the U.S., hope for alien life in a newly discovered solar system and an industrial towns puts its faith in revitalized manufacturing.

Based on the interview of the Mayor of San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo it sounds like Norther California is handling the heavy rains better than I would have expected.

The segment with newspaper editors around the country was alright, but seemed oddly stilted. Several of the interviewees obviously didn’t have a lot of on-camera experience. It wasn’t obvious that some of their thoughts were so much that of their constituencies as they were of themselves based on their answers.

📺 Face the Nation 2/19/17: Priebus, Graham, Nunes

Face the Nation 2/19/17: Priebus, Graham, Nunes by John Dickerson (
After a contentious week for the White House, "Face the Nation" breaks down the problems the Trump administration has faced in its first month. White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-California, and Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, and others join the show.

Reince Priebus is far preferable as a White House spokesperson to either Conway or Miller, but he still doesn’t have the ability to listen and push a particular agenda. While I get the message that they’ve done a lot of work, they still need to deal with the political realities of potential scandals in a more even-handed manner. All of the other Republican appearances on today’s show were far more sober about the realities of what seems to be going on. In my mind, the only reason not to admit there’s a problem is that you have no plan for dealing with it or moving forward. It’s the administration’s appearance that they don’t seem to have any kind of overall plan that concerns me most.

It seems like the administration had the 10 word answers down pat during the campaign, but that’s all they had and sadly they don’t seem to have the paragraphs or even the books worth of information and plans to follow up on any of their ideas.

Again, I’ll note that I think it’s a continuing mistake for the Sunday morning shows to allow administration spokespeople to appear remotely via camera than to appear in person.

The best part of the episode, to me, was the re-appearance of Michael Morell, who I don’t think I’ve seen on television since before the inauguration. His depth of knowledge and analysis, even now that he’s on the journalistic side of the game, is just always superb. I don’t think anyone else in the game has the ability to lay out facts in a simple and straightforward manner without a pointed agenda. I’ll note that he even had an aside in the conversation here underlining the agenda portion.

I really like the sober voices of Bob Woodward and Jeffrey Goldberg at the end. It would be nice to see more of them in shows like these.

On a technical production note, I will mention that Face the Nation seems to have a set problem with John at the head of the table and guests on one side. The camera angles (particularly with just two guests on the same side of the table) seem to diminish the roll of the guest seated furthest from John. This doesn’t seem to be a problem with 4 or more guests, but is highlighted when there are only two. Perhaps the production could take a page from Charlie Rose’s blocking around his table with multiple guests? There was also a small chyron issue that leaked into Graham’s segment which identified him incorrectly as Nunes.

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What could happen if you refuse to unlock your phone at the US border? | Ars Technica

What could happen if you refuse to unlock your phone at the US border? by Cyrus Farivar (Ars Technica)
DHS says agents are in the right to ask for passwords, decryption help.

Continue reading “What could happen if you refuse to unlock your phone at the US border? | Ars Technica”

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📺 PBS NewsHour full episode Feb. 17, 2017

PBS NewsHour full episode Feb. 17, 2017 (PBS NewsHour)
Friday on the NewsHour, President Trump touts his economic plans at a Boeing plant, while the Senate approves Scott Pruitt, a climate change skeptic, to head the EPA. Also: An update on the fate of an Iraqi translator, two Texas cities offer a microcosm of the nation's deep political divide, Mark Shields and David Brooks analyze the week's news and a new film about a controversial love story.

PBS NewsHour’s reporting on the political divide is really interesting. The fact that they’re going into middle America and bringing stories that others aren’t covering is laudable. It helps explain the divide, though I still see a tremendous disconnect between these people’s lives, their desires, their education and how the political theater is playing out with the current administration’s lack of ability and any semblance of logic.

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📺 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Sally Field S2, E96

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Sally Field S2 E96 by Stephen Colbert (CBS, 16 February 2017)
These turbulent times remind Sally Field of the unrest from the 1960s. That, and the fact that polka dots are trendy again.

Nice coverage of the Trump press conference today.

Camerawork on the Furry Hat segment was shaky and made the moderate jokes there even shakier.

Sally Field has still got it after all these years and her analysis of Tennessee William’s Glass Menagerie was quite interesting.

📺 The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: February 16, 2017

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: February 16, 2017 by Trevor Noah (Comedy Central)
President Trump holds a turbulent press conference, Jordan Klepper talks to New Jersey residents living on Dick Street, and Ezra Edelman discusses "O.J.: Made in America."

The opening five minutes was about as compact as you could make the craziness of today’s press conference. Holy Crap!

📺 The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: February 15, 2017

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: February 15, 2017 by Trevor Noah (Comedy Central)
Trevor reflects on having a president with grandpa tendencies, Donald Trump weighs in on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and Mark Mazzetti discusses Russia's election hacking.

The Trump “Old Guy” opener was about as good as it gets for political satire lately.

The capper:

📺 The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: February 14, 2017

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: February 14, 2017 by Trevor Noah (Comedy Central)
National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns and Republicans don't know how to handle questions about it, and Laverne Cox discusses the TV show "Doubt."

“That guy gets so much poutine.” -Trevor Noah on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s good looks.

The Mike Flynn “cartoon” was an interesting method of storytelling.

There was a nice portion just before the interview in which Noah shows several examples of the ways in which the Trump administration tries to have things both ways, and then denies that they’re not telling the truth. Why must they waffle? Why can’t they just stand up and say “this is who we are.” We couldn’t do anything but respect them for that, but lying just ruins it all.

A map of Russia on the episode makes me wonder why I haven’t seen any pundits or comedians take the map and turn Russia’s highlight into Trump’s hair and then superimpose his face over South Asia. This image may help others with the idea:

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📺 The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: February 13, 2017

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: February 13, 2017 by Trevor Noah (Comedy Central)
President Trump meets with Japan's Shinzo Abe, Trevor profiles Trump's senior adviser Stephen Miller, and Elaine Welteroth and Phillip Picardi discuss Teen Vogue.

Interesting to see what’s happening at Teen Vogue. The Stephen Miller portion actually went pretty easy on his performance on the Sunday Morning shows this week. Not quite as funny as most episodes, but still interesting and relevant within the overall political environment.

The “Moment of Zen” at the end with Trump shaking hands with Abe was truly hilarious.

📺 "Suits" Admission of Guilt, S6 E14

"Suits" Admission of Guilt, S6 E14 (USA Network, 15 February 2017)
Directed by Michael Smith. With Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle. Harvey and Mike walk a fine line when they partner on a class action. Louis needs Rachel's help impressing a client during an annual presentation. And Donna and Benjamin refine their product.

📺 PBS NewsHour full episode Feb. 16, 2017

PBS NewsHour full episode Feb. 16, 2017 (PBS NewsHour)
Thursday on the NewsHour, President Trump takes on charges of Russian connections, the news media and a new immigration order in an animated and wide-ranging news conference. Also: What’s causing more white Americans to die in middle age, sanctuary cities take a stand against the president's immigration policies and an English professor's take on her own life as an immigrant.

Most media accounts took today’s pressy to serious task. The coverage here took as measured take on the event as could be humanly imagined–I can’t imagine how they maintained straight faces based on the portions of the press conference they showed here or other places.

📺 The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: February 9, 2017 – Laura Jane Grace

The Daily Show, S2 E63 by Trevor Noah (Comedy Central, February 9, 2017)
The Trump family is accused of using the White House for financial gain, Roy Wood Jr. prepares for Fashion Week and the Grammys, and Laura Jane Grace discusses "Tranny."

📺 "Suits" Teeth, Nose, Teeth, S6 E13

"Suits" Teeth, Nose, Teeth, S6 E13 (USA Network, 8 February 2017)
Directed by Silver Tree. With Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle. Rachel receives a letter that creates an unexpected issue for Harvey and Louis. Mike's mentorship of Oliver and Marissa gets put to the test. And Donna gets a surprise from the IT department.