📺 David Wolfpaw: WordPress and the IndieWeb – Why You Should Own Your Voice | WordPress.TV

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👓 The First Federated #Indieweb Comment Thread | Tantek

Read The First Federated #Indieweb Comment Thread by Tantek ÇelikTantek Çelik (tantek.com)
2013-04-19: the day the indieweb successfully federated a comment post. The Test Note It started with Laurent Eschenauer using Storytlr to post a simple note on his site that sent mention pingbacks to Barnaby Walters and Aaron Parecki: Testing #indieweb federation with @waterpigs.co.uk, @aaronpareck...

Ideas for IndieWeb-ifying Hypothes.is

I use Hypothes.is regularly as part of my daily workflow. I'm also very interested in being able to "own" the data I generate with the tool and being able to keep it on my own digital commonplace book (aka website). As part of this, I'd like to be able to receive notifications from people publicly…

❤️ scott_gruber tweeted Excellent deck intro to #indieweb, Micropub & WordPress

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❤️ vuildco tweeted @zeldman @thebigwebshow @t #indieweb is excellent & the solution we’ve needed for ages. @t & @zeldman great podcast.

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It was a great little podcast episode.

📺 IndieWebCamp New Haven | YouTube

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Introductions and Keynote: Connected Learning & the IndieWeb by Kimberly Hirsh
at Southern Connecticut State University, Davis Hall, 501 Crescent Avenue, 06515 New Haven, Connecticut.

I had joined a tad late this morning and only watched the YouTube stream instead of joining the Google Hangout channel. I wanted to rewatch the entire opening to see Kimberly Hirsh's keynote a second time. I almost feel bad that she gave it remotely so that she couldn't experience the direct feedback and adulation…

👓 First stable release of the IndieWeb module for Drupal 8 | realize.be

Read First stable release of the IndieWeb module for Drupal 8 by swentelswentel (realize.be)
Say hello to the first stable release of the #IndieWeb module for #Drupal 8! https://realize.be/blog/first-stable-release-indieweb-module-drupal-8
Congratulations! This is awesome.

👓 Announcing @IndieWebCamp New Haven Keynote | Greg McVerry

Read Announcing @IndieWebCamp New Haven Keynote by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (quickthoughts.jgregorymcverry.com)
I am happy to announce that Kimberly Hirsh will join us as the key note for IndieWebCamp New Haven.
I can't wait to hear what Kimberly Hirsh comes up with for the upcoming camp!

👓 A rough sketch for an Indieweb plugin UX update | aaroncommand.com

Read A rough sketch for an Indieweb plugin UX update by apatters (aaroncommand.com)
Some ideas I threw together for an updated Getting Started screen. Introduces the user to the IndieWeb concept, presents prominent next steps for ‘Indiewebifying’ their site and learning more. Eliminates the need for the Extensions page.
I like the idea that this simplifies things and potentially gets rid of an additional tab/page.

👓 Bookmark: Using Inoreader as an IndieWeb feed reader | Digging the Digital

Read Bookmark: Using Inoreader as an IndieWeb feed reader by Frank Meeuwsen (Digging the Digital)
Ik onderzoek weer hoe ik deze pagina’s beter kan gebruiken als een commonplace book, een plaats waar ik allerlei gedachten, ideeën en losse flodders kan plaatsen met minimale barrieres. Het is een rode draad in mijn blog-ontwikkeling en ik denk dat het een belangrijk element wordt op de IndieWebC...

📑 Context challenges between #indieweb and social media silos | David John Mead

Annotated Context challenges between #indieweb and social media silos by David MeadDavid Mead (David John Mead)

On my blog it has context. You can see all the other eat/drink posts on thier own or mixed in with everything else. I can include links to the place where I bought it, who makes it, or related posts.Instagram's context is its a photo with an optional description. It doesn't matter what it's of. It won't contain links to anything.  

❤️ hummearth tweeted @NurtureGirl @kevinmarks @adamjorlen Oh, what an interesting educational thread! Tools to pull and interact with social media is definitely something to explore & integrate down the road. Especially for us at #Humm – aiming to build an agent-centric self-publishing platform. We’ll definitely check #indieweb.

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IndieWebCamp Online 2019 and What to Expect at Camps

Over the weekend, I attended my first online-only IndieWebCamp thanks in large part to some excellent planning and execution by Eddie Hinkle, Greg McVerry, and David Shanske. I've attended many camps both in person and remotely but somehow managed to miss that first IndieWebCamp Online in 2014. I remember a few years back hosting my…

👓 IndieWebCamp Online 2019 | Eddie Hinkle

Read IndieWebCamp Online 2019 by Eddie HinkleEddie Hinkle (eddiehinkle.com)
So this past weekend, I helped host IndieWebCamp Online 2019. It was a really fun weekend, if a little unorthodox. I think the camp was successful and enjoyed and yet had learn-able take-aways for the next online camp as well as ideas for single topic sessions which is a bridge somewhere between an ...
A nice recap of the weekend. Thanks again Eddie for all your hard work!

👓 ad-hoc sessions | IndieWeb

Bookmarked ad-hoc sessions - IndieWeb (indieweb.org)
ad-hoc sessions is the idea (which needs a better name) that we host single topic sessions every month or two online that the community can gather around and discuss.
I do like the idea of doing something like this. It also may be worthwhile to do some regular WordPress set up sessions on a monthly basis the way we often do at camps.