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Bookmarked WPCampus 2019 Call for Proposals: Save the Date! (WPCampus: Where WordPress Meets Higher Education)
Hello WPCampus friends! We’re excited to announce that our Call for Proposals for this year’s conference will be opening soon! We’re looking forward to another year of wonderful ideas, demonstrations, brainstorming, and benchmarking. Session Topics As in past years, we’re looking for a variety of topics on anything that might bring value to our community. …

Last night saw the wrap up of Dr. Michael Miller’s excellent Winter quarter class Introduction to Category Theory. As usual he passed out a short  survey to accept ideas for the Fall and Winter quarters this coming year at UCLA Extension.

If you didn’t get a chance to weigh in, feel free to email him directly, or respond here with your suggestions (in order of preference) and I’ll pass them along.

I keep a list of his past offerings (going back to 2006, but he’s been doing this since 1973) on my site for reference. He’s often willing to repeat courses that have been previously offered, particularly if there’s keen interest in those topics.

Some of the suggestions on last night’s list included:
combinatorial group theory
number theory
game theory
group theory
ring theory
field theory
Galois theory
real analysis
point set topology
differential equations
differential geometry

Feel free to vote for any of these or suggest your own topics. Keep in mind that many of the topics in the past decade have come about specifically because of lobbying on behalf of students.

👓 First stable release of the IndieWeb module for Drupal 8 | realize.be

Read First stable release of the IndieWeb module for Drupal 8 by swentelswentel (realize.be)
Say hello to the first stable release of the module for 8! https://realize.be/blog/first-stable-release-indieweb-module-drupal-8

Congratulations! This is awesome.

👓 Indieauth for WordPress 3.3 Released | David Shanske

Read Indieauth for WordPress 3.3 Released by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (david.shanske.com)
The 3.3 branch of IndieAuth for WordPress is now available. PKCE Support is now present in Indieauth for WordPress. PKCE protects against intercepted authorization codes by ensuring a token endpoint can confirm that the client attempting to redeem an authorization code is the same client that reques...


📺 “The Americans” Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep? | Amazon

Watched "The Americans" Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep? from Amazon Prime
Directed by Stephen Williams. With Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Lev Gorn, Annet Mahendru. Philip and Elizabeth struggle with the gravity of unexpected collateral damage.

📺 “The Americans” Walter Taffet | Amazon

Watched "The Americans" Walter Taffet from Amazon Prime
Directed by Noah Emmerich. With Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Lev Gorn, Annet Mahendru. Philip and Elizabeth feel the weight of a family secret while following up on the KGB's interests.

🎧 Episode 121 Preparing Leaders for Complex Change | Human Current

Listened to Episode 121 Preparing Leaders for Complex Change by Angie CrossAngie Cross from HumanCurrent

In this episode, Angie talks with human-centric leader, futurist and CEO of Toffler Associates, Deborah Westphal. Westphal shares the history and legacy of Toffler Associates and provides insights into their mission to help organizations understand the dynamics of change, plan their way to the future, and then adapt. Westphal also explains four macro-drivers that are causing uncommon disruption and influencing everything we know about organizations. She explores very important questions and assumptions about power structures, technology, and societal values and advocates for leaders to focus on people, rather than processes or technology.    

This episode feels a bit like the interviewer is selling me something instead of enlightening me. I do appreciate here emphasis on human-centric approaches however. This episode focuses a lot on philosophy and approach rather than science and direct examples of applications. Meh…