🎧 Lectures 20-22 of The Story of Human Language by John McWhorter

Listened to Lectures 20-22: The Story of Human Language by John McWhorterJohn McWhorter from The Great Courses: Linguistics

Lecture 20: Language Mixture—Words
The first language's 6,000 branches have not only diverged into dialects, but they have been constantly mixing with one another on all levels. The first of three lectures on language mixture looks at how this process applies to words.

Lecture 21: Language Mixture—Grammar
Languages also mix their grammars. For example, Yiddish is a dialect of German, but it has many grammatical features from Slavic languages like Polish. There are no languages without some signs of grammar mixture.

Lecture 22: Language Mixture—Language Areas
When unrelated or distantly related languages are spoken in the same area for long periods, they tend to become more grammatically similar because of widespread bilingualism.

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An interesting site with a wealth of information and details for children’s books.

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👓 Pasadena Busing Controversy, 9/14/70 | ColoradoBoulevard.net

Read Pasadena Busing Controversy, Sept. 14, 1970 by Roxanne Elhachem (ColoradoBoulevard.net)
In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court declared racial segregation in public schools unconstitutional. In the 1970s and 1980s, under federal court supervision, many school districts implemented mandatory busing plans within their district.

Are they revisiting this story every few years as an evergreen? This coverage of it seemed more interesting than the shorter story in 2018… hmmm.

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👓 ‘Halloween’ Cinematographer Dean Cundey returns to the scene of the crime | Alhambra Source

Read ‘Halloween’ Cinematographer Dean Cundey returns to the scene of the crime by David Muñoz (Alhambra Source)
Evil is real. The excitement happens when it invades our safe areas. Dean Cundey understands this well. Back in 1978, the legendary cinematographer expertly used shadows to illustrate the encroachment of evil into the otherwise idyllic small town of Haddonfield, Ill. in the original “Halloween.” The film — which revolutionized horror cinema when it introduced the sadistic Michael Myers and scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis as student Laurie Strode — celebrates its 40th anniversary on Oct. 25.
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👓 A Follow-Up on a Beloved La Cañada Trailhead | ColoradoBoulevard.net

Read A Follow-Up on a Beloved La Cañada Trailhead by Reg Green (ColoradoBoulevard.net)
Warnings from a few determined hikers, amplified by ColoradoBoulevard.net and the La Canada Valley Sun, have brought a so-called ‘temporary fix’ to the huge ruts on the dirt road through the Angeles National Forest that services the antennae on top of Mt. Lukens.
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👓 Wealthiest Person in Pasadena – 2017 | ColoradoBoulevard.net

Read 2017 Wealthiest Person in Pasadena Is Still… by Roxanne Elhachem (ColoradoBoulevard.net)
The Los Angeles Business Journal published its 58 Wealthiest Angelenos list (expanded with 8 more people from last year’s), and Pasadena (and the San Gabriel Valley) still had one of its own on it.
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